Building B

Well-being at Work!

With a distinct architecture, Building B hides behind its construction a number of innovative technologies to ensure a state of well-being for its customers. With a height regime composed of basement, ground floor, and seven floors, the building features an open-space industrial design that offers a high degree of personalization of space.

A perfect balance formed between customer welfare and the commitment to energy efficiency is the main feature of Building B.

Technical Specifications

Everything is in the details

Designed to meet modern customer needs, Body B incorporates innovative technologies and productivity enhancement features.

  • BREEAM Certificate: Excellent;
  • Clasa A Office Building;
  • Modern Industrial Design;
  • Flexibility in office design;
  • Comercial Spaces & Restaurants;
  • Turnstile control in the reception area;
  • Conference Hall with 300 people capacity;
  • Biophilic-style Reception & Lobby with floral ornaments doubled by mirrors and geometric lighting;
  • Japanese-style garden & padel field on the terrace;
  • 5 electrical bikes;
  • 1 electrical car;
  • 4 KONE elevators of 6-8 people with collective selective command;
  • 50 mm curtain walls;
  • 2 electric charge stations;
  • Suspended floor with noise reduction up to 32 dB;
  • Controlled access zones with card-based access and HID readers;
  • Turnstile control in the reception area;
  • CCTV;
  • LED lighting with 60% low consumption compared to classical lighting;
  • 3 Air treatment plants (East, West and for the conference room);
  • 4DAIKIN 300 kw thermal power plants;
  • Chiller DAIKIN with 30% energy savings compared to classic chillers;
  • Building Management System (BMS).