The benefits of a gym at the workplace:

  • Saves up time;
  • Help employees to cope better with stress;
  • Increase productivity and the quality of work;
  • Happy and determined employees.

Oasis Terrace

The Japanese-style terrace was built as an oasis of peacefulness and well-being, a place where every employee can take a small break or a refuge when the problems are overwhelming.

The Oasis Terrace is an environment that:

  • Shifts the focus from stress to calmness;
  • Induces a relaxation state of mind and body;
  • Increases the focus, discipline and concentration;
  • Stimulates Creativity.

The Lounge

The space is divided into couple of zones for different activities: relaxation, socialization, interaction, informal meetings and coffee point. The purpose of The Lounge is to provide a safe and cozy space to our tenants and to improve the whole atmosphere at work.

Conference center

A conference room equipped with latest technologies that offers the possibility of organizing different kinds of event up to 300 participants.

Designed with elegant taste and equipped with everything you need; The Conference Center is the ideal place of deliver a successful and memorable event.

Meditation Area

The brain is the most important part of human body, therefore is our duty to keep it healthy and to “nurture” it in order to fully accomplish our task. Stress is the main issue that prevents us to work at full capacity.

Every time you need a break to relax or you feel overwhelmed, go to Meditation Area.

Educational center

Starting from young values, Integrio Kids is a project focused on the personalized needs for cognitive and emotional development of preschool children. Our main goal is to prepare the little ones for the challenges of the century in which we live.

Game Room

The Game room located at the 1st floor in Building A, is a place for relaxation and de-stress for breaks and socialization. Equipped with a fossball table, racing chairs and Play Station, this space is destined to increase the well-being at work.

  • Encourages the employees to socialize
  • Stress relief effect
  • Increases concentration capabilities
  • Keeps employees happy and motivated
  • Increases the productivity
  • Increases the level of loyalty


Electric bikes are an efficient mean of transportation and in the same time protects the environment. Furthermore, they can be used free of charge by Novis Plaza’s tenants.

  • Go on an adventure around Hoia-Baciu forest;
  • No CO2 emissions;
  • Workout outside;
  • Spend quality time outdoor with your colleagues.

E-car charger

Electric cars are starting to multiply on the city’s streets. The problem that we identified is the small number of electric charging stations. Here, at Novis Plaza, you can find two charging stations for your electric car that can be used by our tenants for free.

  • Improve the air quality
  • Special parking spots only for electric cars
  • Save your money
  • Easy to use

Parking Lots

A very important facility that is a must for every office building is the parking lot. At Novis Plaza you can find over 300 parking spaces, available in 2 over the ground parking lots and one underground parking.

The benefits of sufficient parking spaces for employees are:

  • Save up time;
  • Dedicated parking space;
  • Video surveillance;

Bike parking

We support a healthy lifestyle, well balanced diet and the eco-friendly environment. Based on the fact that more and more people prefer biking to work, we arranged a special place for bikes:

  • Video surveillance;
  • Free of charge;
  • Accessible location;
  • 20 bikes capacity.


Theta by Pralina Restaurant has already a great success among employees from Tetarom I. The food court zone will expand when the second Novis Plaza Building it will be opened.