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– Class A offices starting from 72 sqm

Novis Plaza is a premium office complex,
classified as Class A

Which sets the highest standards of safety, comfort, and sustainability, offering a contemporary perspective on office spaces. By providing a diverse range of services and facilities, we are committed to supporting the modern business environment, contributing to improving the quality of life and the working environment for future tenants.

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BREEAM certification guarantees the residents of the Novis Plaza building a sustainable, energy efficient and healthy working environment.

With low maintenance costs and a significant contribution to protecting the environment, Novis Plaza offers a safe and comfortable work space, according to the most precise standards of quality and ecological responsibility.

Means of transport

Accessibility to public transportation, bicycle parking, and electric charging points encourage the use of alternative transportation and reduce pollutant emissions.

Natural landscape

Located near the Ethnographic Park brings nature and its ecological benefits into the employees’ office life.

Air quality

Generous terraces, Piazzetta, and surroundings provide a relaxing environment and encourage outdoor activities for tenants.

Advanced technologies

Integrated energy efficiency ensures a comfortable indoor climate and contributes to the sustainable development of the building. This performance is facilitated by an intelligent system that manages the controlled introduction and extraction of fresh air into the rooms, simultaneously monitoring the CO2 level to maintain optimal air quality.


Oasis Terrace

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0 parking spaces

The Lounge

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Novis Plaza consists of two bodies with different heights, offering 14,926 sqm of rentable space, a generous space, perfect for your activity. Each body has generous terraces, landscaped with green spaces and relaxation areas. Novis Plaza perfectly blends office work with relaxation and socialization breaks.

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313 parking spaces

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Electric car charging station

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Event hall

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8.850 sqm
Builidng A

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6.076 sqm
Builidng B

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1.500 sqm
Oasis Terrace

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National Ethnographic Park “Romulus Vuia”.

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Event Hall

Novis Events Hall is located on the 1st floor of Building B and covers an area of 320 sqm. Access is through the lobby by stairs or by elevator. The hall features a modern design, positioning itself at the top of this market segment in Cluj-Napoca. It can be divided into 2 individual modules through foldable walls.

Available configurations:

Medium Hall: 72 seats
Large Hall: 128 seats
Wedding Hall: 130 seats (round tables)
Novis Events Hall: 272 seats

Technical Specifications

(Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) controlled by BMS, with the help of external and internal temperature sensors regarding air quality (CO2 level) and temperature.

Depending on the number of people per volume unit.

Of utility costs, regardless of the season.

Analog with varifocal lenses, min. 1200 TV lines, infra-color automatically activated for monitoring spaces with a minimum recording of 30 days.

(minimum 70% without humidity recovery), through the connected circuit system (approx. 30%).

LED type for workspaces of 500 lux.

Central system/battery system (control line) UPS.

Main capacity = 2x1600kva.

Designed for all entrances to the building, technical rooms, and security control room.

Independent equipped with a centralized system with smoke, fire, and gas sensors.

On upper floors, underground parking, and basements – wet system.

(350mc) located externally, in Piazzetta.

With Diesel generator (350kVA) for safety systems.

TDSI MG brand with HID card readers.

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Building A

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Building B

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