In September 2019, the opening of the most modern educational center in Cluj-Napoca, intended for preschool children, is announced at Novis Plaza. It is called Integrio Kids and can be located in the Novis Plaza building, on Taietura Turcului Street. The educational project Integrio Kids comes to complement the ecosystem that is created in the Tetarom  I Park for both the employees in the area and the residents of the expanding Tăietura Turcului district.

In a city that is constantly changing, so dynamic, where distances can no longer be neglected, I thought that parents of preschoolers can rest assured knowing their children in complete safety, just minutes away from work or home.

The Novis Plaza building has become the ideal location for Integrio Kids, being new, naturally lit and providing the ideal conditions necessary for such an educational activity. Our vision The proximity of parents is not the only asset of the Integrio Kids educational center. As our slogan says, we aim to offer today’s children the superpowers of tomorrow. In other words, we intend to develop in the children who cross the threshold the competences of the 21st-century creativity, emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility, solving complex problems through activities, etc.

What do we offer?

How do we want to do that? Using a mix of classic and modern techniques, using innovative digital equipment (interactive boards, touch-kinesthetic tables) and keeping alive the social interaction of quality through the didactic activities realized by the team of the INTEGRIO Kids Educational Center. Our team has extensive experience in preschool children psychology and their own experience as parents, just as important. Our living concern is children and we are sure that by offering quality in education, we will make a difference in their lives, ensuring them a good start in life. What do we offer? between 3 and 6 years. Within the center, age-specific activities for children will be promoted for their cognitive, emotional and motor development, including by supplementing the national curriculum with carefully selected English and optional activities. natural, from a secure outdoor playground and complies with all safety rules in force, required by law. The food is made in catering, according to the indications of a nutrition expert, who has made nutritionally balanced menus for the children in the center. Integrio, parents benefit from psychological counseling and periodic assessments of their children’s evolution, who believes that education will always make the difference. We are close to you and we are waiting for your suggestions at