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Novis Plaza is situated in Cluj Napoca, the capital of Transylvania, a city of great opportunities, continuous growth and expansion. Located in a business area, with more than 60 companies and over 2500 employees, Novis Plaza, A-Class office building is close to the main city key points with facile access by car, bus or even bike. Among the companies in the aria we can name: Banca Transilvania, EnergoBit, Schneider and Tetapolis Science and Technology Park, the first digital incubator in Romania that facilitates the fast growth of start-up businesses from ITC and R&D fields.

Choose to be part of a business complex characterized by creativity and fast development!

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Find us on Cluj Napoca, Taietura Turcului 47 Street

Novis Plaza, Cluj

Address: Taietura Turcului 47 Street, Cluj-Napoca

Phone: + 40 (264) 416 597

M: + 40 (724) 351 373